Custom-fit insulation for the refrigeration sector
Field of application
Cold and chilled water range
Suitable for
Cold insulation, condensation water insulation


GWK Kuhlmann’s latest product is the result of eight years of development and testing. In contrast to the challenges of cold insulation, thermal insulation is almost trivial. Above all, thermal insulation should have a relatively tight seal to prevent heat from escaping. But: if the insulation does not seal, there is no damage to the fitting apart from the energy loss. In the case of cold insulation, on the other hand, sealing is essential: because every free space, every gap, every cold bridge causes condensation or ice formation. At the latest in the range below 0°C, non-functioning insulation becomes a danger for the fitting, as the ice layer grows until the insulation is blown off and the fitting can no longer be adjusted.

In order to guarantee the tightness and functionality of the insulation as a manufacturer, the ES-Box COOL will only be available as a “tested combination”: each ES-Box COOL is developed for a very specific fitting and tested in GWK Kuhlmann’s own test laboratory: this is where the maximum parameters for this combination are defined. As the manufacturer, we guarantee the functionality of the ES-Box COOL for this combination and the confirmed parameters. For the product launch, we are starting with an ES-Box COOL for balancing valves and various ball valves. Angle seat valves and strainers will follow.

The custom-fit ES boxes COOL

Series MS-ABQM 4.0

Explicitly for Danfoss valve AB-QM 4.0 with female thread or union fitting with actuator TWA-Q.

Mefco series

Specifically for Mefco PVC ball valve BN and BD with insert PE100 long.

IMI Globo series

Explicitly for IMI Heimeier Globo H(0600) and D(0670)

Technical data

Plastic jacket

Material Polystyrene PS (no PVC)
Color gray (RAL 7040)

XPE foam core

Material extruded polyethylene
spec. Volume weight 30 – 60 kg/m3
Application Maximum up to + 85 °C
Minimum depending on series
Closures Polyamide clamping rings
Nominal widths DN15 to DN50

Measured values

The individually developed insulation boxes are tested by us with the corresponding fittings. Each combination of insulation box and fitting is tested by us at 55% relative humidity, 20° Celsius room temperature, 0.3 m/s air movement and, depending on the class, with a different media temperature. Only if the combination is free of ice and condensation inside and outside after 7 days under these conditions does it receive our seal of approval.

For use above the dew point.
For use above 0°C.
For use at temperatures down to -5°C.
For use at temperatures down to -10°C.
For use at temperatures down to -15°C.

Product catalog

Is the information not enough for you? You can view and download our product catalog online here.

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