Individual products

Move with the times

In-house insulation is the trend. They allow you to achieve a perfect fit, exclusivity, additional business and uncompromising quality. As the insulation is usually seen first (and not the internal product), it also makes sense to add your own logo to the insulation.

Our range of OEM products is extremely diverse. Our various production lines and processing options make it possible to choose the right material for every application. Thanks to our specialization in the TGA sector, we are also perfectly equipped to meet your needs: small batch sizes, large variety, low tool costs. From ball valves to fresh water stations – we have the right solution for you. We are also the right partner for small series, prototype construction and milling samples.

OEM projects managed by us are much more than just the end product: we offer you expert advice on material properties, regulations and thermodynamic behavior in the application. Englisch Sie haben die Kenntnisse bei Ihren Produkten – wir haben das Know-How für die Dämmung. Lehnen Sie sich zurück und lassen Sie sich von uns beraten.

From your idea to your product


The first conversation

The demands and expectations of the insulation are as varied as the shapes of the fittings, heat exchanger dimensions or station components. Your individual requirements are worked out in a personal meeting. In addition to basic data such as areas of application, minimum and maximum temperatures and expected annual quantities, we also compile your ideas and requirements. Depending on the project, this ranges from shape design to surface requirements, interchangeable logos and inserts, combination options through to marked tensioning straps and the design of manuals for the product. The right tool must also be developed first. Thanks to our own design department and in-house mold construction, we are very flexible when it comes to the progress of your project.

Further steps

Define task - select material - create design - develop prototype - series production

Materials and production lines of GWK Kuhlmann

Different materials are available depending on the area of application, application temperature, quantities, etc. If it is to be used in the cold, for example, the material must have different properties to those required for thermal insulation. We use various materials to cover all the needs of the TGA sector. Compared to other companies that specialize in one material, we are much more flexible in selecting the optimum material for your conditions. Thanks to our own mold construction, we can also act very quickly and flexibly.

Suitable references

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