Customization service

The tailoring service for your individual needs.

Do you need insulation for a component that is somewhat “special”? For which no existing insulation form fits?

To meet these needs, we have set up our GWK ready-to-wear service. Whether it’s a combination of flange fittings, pump groups, tube exchangers or other components – we make many things possible as custom-made products. And without any tool costs for you.

We often manufacture our customizations from EPP, and even more frequently from rigid polyurethane foam. Our modular AL system with aluminum coarse-grain lamination in particular allows us to achieve a great deal with little effort. As the customization service does not require any tools to be made, this type of custom-fit insulation is suitable for very small batch sizes through to one-off productions.

To calculate the unit price, we require drawings or sample parts and details of the expected quantities.

Try out our customization service!

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