Research & Development

We are constantly researching and developing.

We are constantly researching and developing. This enables us to find new materials and adapt our production to the requirements of the building services industry. Many of our machines and systems are specially developed and built by us. The focus is on the energy efficiency of these machines and systems. After all, our insulation cannot contribute to energy efficiency if this is not taken into account during production. For example, our EPP machines are so efficient that they consume only a third of the energy of normal EPP machines. Product and material research is carried out both on behalf of customers and in-house and relates to the fields of “energy efficiency”, “thermodynamic behavior” and “material properties”. We have developed and set up a test laboratory for this area in which we can simulate cold and heat applications. For example, we develop skin and coating systems for cold applications. We are also developing in the field of heat recovery. Incidentally, our development of the Effikon has been funded by the EU because it represents an innovative leap forward in heat recovery technology. You are welcome to find out more about this:

Testanlage Wärme

Test facility Heat loss

How high is the watt heat loss of an uninsulated fitting at a certain Delta T? We can measure it.

Test system for cold insulation

Is insulation really diffusion-tight? At what parameters does condensation start to form? We can test it.

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