“We want to make an active contribution to the energy transition.”

It is part of our self-image not only to produce, but also to advise. We want our customers to find the optimum solution for their application. This includes 100% advice and information on different insulation materials and applications. Thanks to decades of experience and constant further development, we are able to harmonize the wishes of our customers with a sensible economic and ecological solution.

The claim to save energy is of course not limited to our finished products. As a processor of petroleum-based raw materials, we are committed to producing as sustainably as possible. That is why we pay attention to the use of energy-efficient machines and systems. Many of our machines and systems are specially developed and built by us. For example, our EPP machines are so efficient that they consume only a third of the energy of normal EPP machines.

In order to minimize heat energy losses, heat recovery and heat storage are further essential components in energy saving. Continuous further development and optimization are part of this for us.

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Target CO2-neutral in 2027

„As a processor of petroleum-based raw materials, we feel obliged to produce as sustainably as possible.“

Fred Kuhlmann,
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