The AL-Box UNI series as universal, removable and reusable fitting insulation


The AL-Box UNI with the aluminum surface for fittings with flange and socket connections.

Like the other components of the AL system, the AL-Box Uni consists of a polyisocyanurate rigid foam with a 0.2 mm thick aluminum coarse-grain coating. Five designs are available for socket valves from DN 20 to DN 50 and eight designs for flanged valves from DN 15 to DN 200. Thanks to the pre-punched soft foam adapter for the spindle areas of the fittings, the insulation boxes can be used in a variety of ways.

The AL-Box Uni can be used as thermal insulation up to a temperature of 150°C and complies with the current provisions of the EnEV and the GEG.
The dimensionally stable and easy-to-assemble box is held together with galvanized steel straps or polyamide clamping rings.

In addition to the familiar AL system, entire heating systems or transfer stations can now be uniformly insulated using a combination of insulation boxes, pipes and elbows from the AL system. Thanks to the patented, telescopic PIP (Pipe-in-Pipe) and POP (Pipe-over-Pipe) system, the insulation of systems is made even easier for the installer.

The AL-Box Uni offers excellent insulating properties.
The results measured at the GWK heat loss test facility clearly show the enormous savings potential that can be achieved by insulating fittings and valves.
At a ∆T of 50°, a DN 80 flanged shut-off valve in length F1 already loses up to 135 watts. With suitable 50 % insulation, this heat loss can be reduced to 19 watts.

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