Product innovation ES-Box COOL


At the upcoming IFH/Intherm 2022 and Ti Expo 2022 trade fairs, we will be presenting a new refrigeration insulation system alongside tried-and-tested products.

The ES-Box Cool, the innovative insulation box for cooling and chilled water, will be presented to the public for the first time at the IFH/Intherm trade fair stand in Hall 6, Stand 214.

The diffusion-tight, removable and reusable ES-Box Cool fitting insulation has been specially developed for use in cold and chilled water applications.

The insulation stands out clearly from other cold insulation due to its precise fit and reusability. It is also easy to attach and can be removed and reused without being destroyed.

“Customers kept asking us whether we also offer insulation for fittings in refrigeration technology,” reports Managing Director Fred Kuhlmann, “we would have liked to have launched insulation on the market earlier, but product development was challenging.” This is because cold insulation is a challenge: the insulation must be precisely adapted to the shape of the fitting in order to keep the volume of trapped air between the surface of the fitting and the inside of the insulation as small as possible. It must be sealed diffusion-tight to prevent air humidity from penetrating. This prevents condensation or ice forming on the surface of the tap. The insulation must also completely and fully enclose the fitting and have a wall thickness that is in proportion to the temperature of the medium and the environment. In short – it must be made to measure. All these points had to be considered and implemented during the development of the ES-Box Cool.

Hard work that pays off explains Bernd Koch WKSB specialist insulator at GWK Kuhlmann: “We test every insulation box series extensively in our own GWK laboratory. The tested combination of insulation box and valve is guaranteed by us to effectively prevent the formation of condensation or ice on the valve under the tested conditions”.

The respective application temperature can be easily recognized by the GWK test seal. The classes range from “Use above the dew point” to “Use above 0°C”, “Use down to -5°C”, “Use down to -10°C” and “Use down to -15°C”.

Insulation boxes for Danfoss AB-QM 4.0, IMI Globo H / D, AbaBeul Quickturn 71400 / 71401 and Sekisui Mefco BN and BD are available to start with. Further fittings are being planned.

In addition to the ES-Box Cool, EPP “Ocean” will be presented as a further material in the field of thermal insulation. Part of the raw material for this material is obtained from recycled plastic waste from the sea.

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