GWK Kuhlmann expands the ES-Box COOL range:

Individual cold insulation for Globo H and D from IMI Heimeier

GWK Kuhlmann presents the “IMI Globo” series, another customized insulation solution for the cold water and refrigeration sector. Following the successful launch of the Danfoss ABQM 4.0 and Mefco BN and BD series, GWK Kuhlmann is expanding its range to include a suitable insulation for the gunmetal ball valves in the IMI Heimeier Globo H and D series.

The gunmetal ball valve from IMI Heimeier is used as a versatile shut-off device in cooling/heating systems and in the drinking water sector. The ES-Box COOL offers a simple and effective solution for diffusion-tight insulation of the fitting. The fitting can be operated at any time, even when insulated.
The “IMI Globo” series has been tested for the temperature range from -5°C to 85°C. Within this temperature range, the insulation ensures reliable protection against condensation and icing. The insulation meets the requirements of the GEG (Building Energy Act) and DIN 1988-200.

All series of the ES-Box COOL fit perfectly, are removable and reusable and do not need to be glued. Installation is just as simple and time-saving as with other GWK Kuhlmann products. To ensure the tightness and functionality of the insulation as a manufacturer, the ES-Box COOL is only available as a tested combination. Each ES-Box COOL has been specially developed for a specific fitting and tested in GWK Kuhlmann’s in-house test laboratory. The maximum parameters for this specific combination are defined. For this combination and the confirmed parameters, we as the manufacturer guarantee the perfect functioning of the ES-Box COOL.

Other solutions for additional fittings are currently in the test phase and will be available soon.

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