Insulation of an industrial plant with our AL system


AL-System Brewery

Project: Subsequent insulation of industrial systems
Location: Paderborn Brewery
Material: GWK Kuhlmann AL system and special assemblies
Special feature: Consulting concept with subsequent production

In its search for potential energy savings, the Paderborn brewery began to consider retrofitting insulation to its industrial facilities. Until then, many building components were either not insulated at all or only insufficiently insulated. GWK Kuhlmann provided advice and introduced a valuation concept. Each of the components was assigned an energy efficiency class based on its insulation level. This categorization enabled a quick overview of energy efficiency without the need for complex measurements.

GWK Kuhlmann then produced suitable insulation based on the AL system and insulated pipes, bends, valves and crossings. The thermal insulation of the components in the boiler house and the three other component groups resulted in a reduction in heat loss from 8,192 watts to 1,852 watts. This meant that 80% of the heat losses could be avoided in these four sections.

DENA calculated the return on investment in 2012 at 128% p.a.
This corresponds to an amortization period of 9 months.

Note 01-2023: The calculation of the amortization period and return on investment refers to the energy prices from 2012. At today’s energy prices, the savings would be even greater.

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