Insulation of a fresh water charging system with the DH system

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Richter Energy fresh water charging system

The FWLS100-S is based on a return temperature-optimized two-stage storage tank charging system
for the controlled heating of drinking water in large systems. The fresh water charging system
is characterized by a constant DHW temperature with the best possible return cooling.

The high-quality insulation from GWK Kuhlmann’s DH system helps to reduce the system’s heat loss and keep the temperature constant at the required level with less energy input.
Our DH system has been specially developed for stations. For the many components such as pipes, elbows, fittings such as ball valves and control valves, there are various designs that enable uniform insulation of entire stations.

Richter Energy fresh water charging system detail picture

The pictures were kindly provided by Richter Energy GmbH.

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