NEW: GWK Kuhlmann insulation boxes for KSB BOA-Control DPR, PIC and SBV

AL-Box für KSB BOA-Control DPR, PIC und SBV

Custom-fit insulation boxes for KSB BOA-Control DPR, PIC and SBV: GWK Kuhlmann expands the AL-Box range

GWK Kuhlmann, the renowned manufacturer of innovative insulation solutions, is pleased to announce the latest addition to its AL-Box range. The AL-Box series now also offers customized insulation boxes for the popular KSB BOA-Control DPR, PIC and SBV models.

As part of the proven AL system, the AL box consists of high-quality polyisocyanurate rigid foam, which is enclosed in a 0.2 mm thick aluminum coarse-grain sheathing. The tried-and-tested material is heat-resistant up to 150°C and offers outstanding insulating properties that help to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.

The AL-Box series covers a wide range of applications and offers insulation boxes for nominal sizes DN10 to DN50 for the KSB BOA-Control PIC models, while suitable boxes are available for the PIC and SBV from DN15 to DN50.

The custom-fit insulation boxes for the KSB BOA-Control series DPR, PIC and SBV meet the requirements of the EnEV and the current GEG, thus ensuring safe and reliable performance even under demanding conditions.

Assembly of the AL box is extremely straightforward thanks to its dimensionally stable design and the easy-to-handle clamping rings made of high-quality polyamide. A punched adapter made of soft foam closes the spindle opening of the insulation. This can be used depending on the diameter of the spindle.

GWK Kuhlmann insulation is particularly impressive in industrial applications thanks to its efficiency and ease of reuse. The unique system allows the insulation to be quickly removed and reused, which not only saves time and money on maintenance work, but also contributes to a significantly longer service life for the entire system.

The AL boxes for KSB BOA-Control DPR, PIC and SBV models are now available. It is distributed via specialist wholesalers.

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